Amazing win on Posh Bingo

Added 2010-06-22 00:58:19

Hi i posted a news report a couple of weeks ago about my amazing wins at posh bingo, i won four full houses in a row.

Well anyway I had won £75 and was able to withdraw at Posh Bingo i think it was about £60 without loosing my bonus money. So i quickly put in a withdrawal, a few days went by and i thought i would go back to posh bingo and see if my luck was still in. When i looked at my balance it said £81 i was in shock thinking omg i must have won from a free game, i was so excited, my excitement was short lived when i realised that when i had logged in i must have hit the reverse withdrawal button, lol. 

So i had to do the withdrawal bingo cash again, this time as i had had another win since the first redeem i was able to withdraw £70. Again a couple of days went by and again i logged in to my posh account only to find the money back in my account again.  Grrrr i must have hit the reversal button again. This time i was only able to withdraw £66 which i have done. I am not logging back into my posh account until the money is safely in my bank account. So far have had the email to say my withdrawal is being dealt with. Has this ever happened to anyone else.

Just as well i am not desperate for the money. lol