Amazon Vouchers for Free from Oh My Bingo

Added 2010-10-23 18:19:48

I just really want to say thanks to OMB for 2 amazon vouchers yes 2 lol dunno how ive managed to get that many gold stars but i did, tryin to get another one before xmas but ive only got 8 :( as ive been having 2 use them 4 points, but im gunna stop that hehe.

Well there is a point to this article as i promised Ben i would let him know what i have bought with my amazon vouchers so far. Well suprise suprise they have gone on xmas pressies with 3 young kids xmas is very expensive and the amazon vouchers are coming in handy.

Well for my 7yr old girl ive got 2 barbie dvds, and some how to draw books (princess and animals)

For my 6yr old son i got him a ben 10 dvd, ben 10 car (which was a bargain got it 2weeks ago for 12.99 and its gone back up 2 27.99) also got him some how 2 draw books (monsters & cars,trains etc)

Last but not least there is my 4yr old little girl ive got her dora the explorer dvd, tub of pink lego and how 2 draw book (fairies) as she is my little tinkerbell.

There you go thats some of my xmas shopping done still got along way to go though just hope im done in time lol.

So once again thanx OhMyBingo thanx 2 you my kids ave got some great pressies 4 xmas xxx