Amazon Vouchers from OhMyBingo

Added 2010-08-26 10:56:45

I finally managed to get 15 gold coins on sunday 22nd august from OhMyBingo's free bingo game,  so of course i went straight to shop and purchased an Amazon voucher.

I was so shocked when it arrived the next day, was so quick, didnt take me long to spend it though. I ordered two birthday presents for my little girl but her birthday not until october so wow im on the ball this year, only thing is 1 of them arrived this morning and guess what her daddy let her have it, anything give you the impressesion she is a daddys girl? lol. So a big thank you from my daughter as well for her Dora the explorer pop up tent.

So thanx OhMyBingo for my amazon voucher & keep up the good work of running a brilliant site.

Another thing, these hide & seeks comp you keep putting on facebook can you make them a little bit easier for little me, i seem to spend hours searching the site & can never find it lol. Only 1 ive managed to find was FANCY AN OH MY BINGO MUG only found that one because you gave a hint, so plz feel free to give me a hint next you do hide & seek lol.

Shazza xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx