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Added 2010-07-15 15:12:03

Dear Players,

i found 3 x adverts relating to the above site offering £20.00 NO DPOSIT BONUS on MIRRORBINGO site news.  When I signed up and didnt receive bonus i sent email to numerous help department.  Then I finally received a reply with the following apology and promise to honour advert.

When i checked my account only the lotto lines had been credited and BINGO on rollover denied any knowledge of my support emails etc.  To date I am still receiving emails stating if you deposit you get £20.00 etc etc.  Now if Rollover Lottery can accept that advert clearly offered my NO DEPOPSIT BONUS because I have captured them even if they have closed the links now then why wont BINGO ROLLOVER who incidentally I assumed were the same company.  What is even more frustrating is that I have had no answer back since I sent them the links again witht he email from LOTTOROLLOVER accepting the advert and honouring it.  I went onto site this evening and it is not even being manned.  This site is a sister site of MIRRORBINGO, what is going on.  Once again, I will send this info everywhere I go to for BINGO advertsing - this is a real review and look forward to hearing other comments and news also.  I feel that ROLLOVERBINGO support think I am a fool - we may be stupid enough to gamble money and lose but I am not stupid, i kow what an advert says and checked them out properly so that I wasnt mis reading.  I am going to put one of the ads below also.

Dear Rollover Bingo ,Please read below - does not say free play it says no deposit bonus...I have now captured this advert on site so that it is not ignored.Thanks.

Rollover Bingo: New bingo site lets players win big in the ... 29 Jun 2010 ... The opening offer at the new bingo site is £20 free no deposit bonus ... Rollover Bingo is the only bingo site offering players the chance lottery-115875-22369265/ - Cached



Dear Sian

Thank you for your email outlining the mistake made in our earliest advertisement.  I can only apologise for this and our adverts have now been changed to reflect the true offer available.  We will of course honour the offer displayed to you at this time as this is what the advertisement stated. We will credit the account 'byrnessj60' and you should see this in your account within the next 48 hours.  We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience this has caused you and thank you for bringing it to our attention. Please contact us should you have further questions. Kind regards Abby Price

RolloverBingo- Lottery Customer Team