An amazing OhMyBingo weekend

Added 2011-10-10 18:13:07

I wanted to thank everyone for an amazing weekend :D can't wait till the next meet up it was so great to put faces to lots of names. A huge thank you to Ben and Joy for making this weekend possible we know so much time and effort has gone into it all. There's been so many good things said about the weekend and chat has been buzzing this morning with comments. So am sure everyone with me when i say it was a fantastic OhMyBingo meet up and am sure everyone is looking forward to another one in 2012. Thank you so much for the goodies we all received and a special thank you for the chocolates they look amazing and all personalised too and the bottle of Bellante.

My 2nd thank you goes to ikkle and trixee they are both fab people and am so glad i have finally got to meet them. As most know i was on my own for the weekend and they went out of their way to make sure i wasn't alone for long and i had a fab weekend so thank you both of you i had a great time.

A special thank you to rosienanny who rallied around and got prizes for a fantastic raffle for davep's charity. You did OMB and everyone proud rosie we was amazed at all the prizes. I know the raffle raised lots of money and loads of people won something so well done all.

Last but by no means least a huge over all thank you to everyone who came to the OMB meet up. It was a fantastic day and was great to meet so many of you. I look forward to seeing you all again and hopefully meeting lots more of you in 2012.

For those who couldn't make it i hope you had a fun time on site, feefed loads of goldies and prizes :D

Lou xxx