An apology to all my friends at OhMyBingo

Added 2011-09-12 16:11:40

I am writing this post (my 1st by the way), to apologise to some great friends who I have let down badly. As you might of guessed this is regarding Blackpool. This was arranged several weeks ago by heidi, jaseyboi ans shin, with whom i was going to meet before it involved omb. Getting caught up in the moment, it was all very exciting and I had no doubt that I was going so when heidi wanted to book the hotel i had no hesitation. It was then that my problems started, being a constant worrier of money i then started to work out how much this trip would cost me, hotel, train and drinks.As a single mom i dont have a lot of spare cash after all the bills n new clothes etc as most of you are aware. My daughters 8th birthday is the 13th november and i promised her a party at a ball park which costs £150 then theres her presents.

Going back to school my daughter came back with a letter saying to go swimming with the school would cost me £22 (silly me thought it would be free haha). Anyway to cut a long story short after weighing up the pros n cons of this trip I decided that my kids come first and can't let them go without, even though I havent spent 1 day away from them for nearly 8 years. Im sorry to jasey coz he booked my hotel n paid (i would have paid him back no matter what) Im sorry to heidi coz we were both looking forward to meeting and heidi planned all this so i feel so guilty as she has been my rock lately.  Also to shin who has made me laugh for the past few months (even though he is a pain lol) n would be a great bloke to meet no matter how youg he is. Im also going to say sorry to all the others at OhMyBingo that i wont get chance to meet like trix, ikkle, lou, cags, cat, davep stevie and anyone else who is going. So sorry to ben and joy for not being able to come to this fantastic day you have laid on for everyone but i hope you understand and i will definetely be at the next one. Once again, so so sorry heidi, jasey and shin, hope you really enjoy yourselves and have a few for me. By the time you read this I will be in Turkey for 2 weeks with my kids (not paid for by myself, thanks to a progressive jackpot I won on jackpotjoy last year by the way). So see you all soon and thankyou for listening to me going on and on. haha xxxxx.