An easy guide for new players

Added 2014-03-05 12:54:58

Hi all i know we keep getting a lot of new players and when a CM is on duty or in the room they have all the information new players need to gain extra OMPs, about prize, vip system etc but there are times when there isn't a CM about or when players are busy and there is no one to help a new player. To me this would put me off coming into a room but not having a clue what to do and they would probably leave and come back later or may not return at all.

I know we have the site map area where you can navigate around and get the information they need about prizes etc but what about a how to style guide built into the members page. It could have all the information a new player needs from how to get OMPs daily including the daily limits with links the the right pages and just a general start off help guide to navigate them around instead of hunting through the site trying to find what they need instead it would all be in one place and easy to find. I know there's a few things on the members page which takes them to promotions and about the daily lottery but even just a bit more information so they know how to work the online bingo room and what things are for and how many site clicks and reviews they can do basically simple things which a new player would want to know. What do you all think? or do you think there is enough information already

Thanks for reading

Lou xxx