An Eventful Free Bingo Golden Hour to Say the Least

Added 2010-08-13 10:46:11

well oh my oh my oh my what an eventful Golden Hour this is turning out to be lol!

1 line players winning 2 line prizes its all so confuzzled and now i am writing this cause i cant get back in to the bingo room to play my tickets :( the amount of points ive lost is bad paying twice for tickets and buying tickets and not seeing the game :(  

On the plus side lol i must say this has got to be the most memorable online bingo Golden Hour so far, not to be forgotten it was great though to see a gold on the prize board for the full house winner, maybe it will all be fixed soon.

Everyone was a bit mad at this but i must applaud the lovely CMs emmy and bonbon - they are doing a great job as usual and keeping everyone calm.  This is first live gold game so there was bound to be a few glitches and it will never put me off playing here at oh my bingo you are fab site and i realy appreiciate the hard work that goes in to making this site as good as it is x