An Explosion of Love at Bingo MagiX

Added 2014-02-14 13:56:46

Are you ready for some good explosion! Yes, you have heard it right – an explosion – better known as jackpot explosion at the rooms of Bingo MagiX. They believe in celebrating Valentine’s Day with a bit of difference and that is why they chose to offer the big pounds. Read more on Bingo Magix.

The 90 ball bingo classics are sorted out into three fantastic sections of jackpot offers. The first one is the Fixed Pots that takes place between 12AM and 12PM with cash worth £100 to win. The second one is the Jumping Pots with cash up to £500 to win in the hours between 12PM and 6PM. And, finally there is the Coveralls happening every top of the hour between 6PM and 12AM with the jackpot cash up to £2500 to win. To have it all, grab your bingo tickets to the games at the earliest.

Additionally you can also try your luck on the jackpot cash worth £10,500 up for grabs at Bingo MagiX. The cash is sorted out to all the three bingo variants i.e., 90 ball, 80 ball and 75 ball bingo games. There are the Dashing Daily jackpots happening at 11PM every day with cash worth £250 to win in the 75 ball bingo classics. Following this is the Wooing Weekly jackpots offered in the 80 ball bingo games with cash worth £500 to win at 9PM every Monday. And, finally there is the Bedazzling Bumper jackpots scheduled for 28th February at 10PM with cash worth £1500 to win in the 90 ball bingo games.

If you are ready to bang on to the fun, make way to Bingo MagiX at the earliest! There are a lot more extra ordinary prizes to fix into your experience.