An Idea For OhMyBingo

Added 2011-06-21 12:55:08

I know there's loads of fab things going on at OhMyBingo, am loving the new promotion sessions for free bingo money and merchandise :D. The team bingo idea looks great can't wait for that to start :D. So it got me thinking about another idea / competition for OhMyBingo, i know we have the winners and looser competition going and when team bingo starts we will have that but what about a referral competition?

Some sites do it there's are the most clicks at the end of the month top x amount of players win something. I was thinking maybe OhMyBingo could maybe do top referrals each month. This wouldn't be based on clicks via the facebook link but actual sign ups from referrals. There's many ways people can refer players to OhMyBingo now you've got the original send an email option, there's the facebook link and a personal link (which acts just the same as the facebook one).

So just did this news to see what everyone thinks and to give  OhMyBingo another idea maybe :) am sure everyone could find and get more people to sign up.

Lou xxx