An idea to make online bingo losers feel good too

Added 2010-05-06 13:43:00

I've had online bingo wins and I guess most of us have otherwise we wouldn't be playing day in and day out. I have however come across people who's luck is just horrible ALL the time. We all have bad runs where we can't get a snifter of anything but I can't imagine how it must feel for that to be the case all day everyday.

There are folk who'll deposit and play for weeks, months, even years, and not get a win. I remember talking to one lady online who reckoned she'd played regularly for SEVEN years and never had a win!!!!!!! *gasp*

Wouldn't it be nice if the bingo sites they are loyal to gave them a little something as a gesture of goodwill and to someway make them feel that they are not complete losers.

I know that some sites reward big depositers with chocs and wine and bonus money, and other sites send out little gifts to random members, so how hard would it be to pick out those who never win a bean and slip them a tenner to play with or send them a nice little gift through the post?

The sites seem to make hero's out of those who win big ... but let's face it, the big winners MUST feel great enough ... it's the consistent losers who are building the profits and they are the ones who need cheering up !