An introduction to me as a new online bingo player

Added 2010-07-29 17:18:31

hi everybody my names gillian this is my first time playing bingo on this site i hope to win  and talk to some new people . i hope u are enjoying playing bingo because i am .when i go out i play bingo sometimes i win sometimes i lose. hopefully to win i go out with my family and friends.hope  weathers going to be nice this summer.barbecues and parties to go to. ive got a wedding to go to soon its going to be brill hope weathers nice

.its my nephew thats getting married in 2 weeks time .also its my daughters birthday soon dont know what she wants yet .she will be 10 years old any ideas. going on holiday  soon  hope weathers going to be nice only going 4 a holidays already kids off school dont know what to do yet . might go swimming / go to the cinema /shopping / .watching deal or no deal at the moment .like watching other tv shows/eastenders / coronation street emmerdale / big brother last one great fun to watch.hopefully u like this ive wrote because a like bingo .hope to play again soon .thank 4 reading this bye.