An Odd Free Bingo Game Bronze Coin

Added 2010-08-10 06:19:54

This is not a complaint or nothin just a wonder.  Thing is, I was in the ohmybingo free bingo room and i was playing away the line prize where the winner would receive 3 bronze coins if they won.  But when someone won, it was shared by 2 people so they received 1 bronze star each for the line, so i was just sitting here thinking what happened to the extra bronze coin that never got won?

I dont think it got added on to the two line game ( well least i dont think it did anyways ) so were does it go lol?  I know you can't win 0.5 coins but it would be fairer if it was put on to the next game whether it be the line two lines or the full house.  I know it sounds like i am complaining but i am realy not i was just wondering that is all.

p. s does any one know whether we are going to get a profile thing as we can upload photos and put a little bit of info about ourselves as we can get to know a little more about are fab roomies we play with day in and day out thanks