An Ode to Mirror Match at OhMyBingo

Added 2011-06-29 06:34:16

im here to provide you with the news

i was playing a chat game called mirror match

all you do is reverse the numbers e.g. 34/43 or 09/90

so if they come out just type mirror match in the chat

then you will be rewarded with points to play bingo

anyway thats all from me on the news of today and now on to my poem


im here today on oh my bingo

thats where i found my favourite lingo

im hoping for a win today

im all tidyed up so i can sit down here and play

im hoping to win gold coins today

who knows i might win a few

it would be nice to tell my friends that ive won on oh my bingo today

and now im going to sit and play hoping for a win today

keeping my fingers crossed

and my eyes crossed

and my legs crossed

i can only hope and see

what they might have in store for me

maybe a sticker or amagnet or even a mug if im lucky

well catch you all later hope you liked me poem and the news i made for you today

cya in the room soon