An ode to OhMybingo Manager

Added 2011-05-25 11:36:54

His name is Ben he is the boss of us all

But we have never seen him is he short or is he tall

He hopped into the room at Easter dressed as the Easter bunny

Wiggling his fluffy little tail and giving us points 

Aww he is a little hunnie.

In December when its party time and we are all loud and lairie 

Will Ben come flying in again dressed as the Christmas fairy ( i am trying to picture this lol)

Now James is a love he sorts out our probs

He mans all the phones but never moans or sobs

Our Tracey is very busy doing posts for us every week

And well done to the back round staff we know affectionately as our geeks

And now to staff at front of house our CMs are the best

They keep us going all day long with fun and games and tests

The morning usually starts with Lou with the early bird gold at nine

How many of us play in pjs ( no one can see us which is fine)

Then Trixee comes on at lunch time its a race to max the 'reg' crew

With chat games three mirror match or cuddle we can max each other (cos thats what we do)

Tickleikkle comes in later she is a bonny lass its  true

She welcomes all the roomies the old crew and the new

So thats my rhyme for OhMyBingo it really is the best 

Just come along and join the fun and forget all rest