An Ode To OhMyBingo

Added 2012-10-05 16:25:33

Come along and play a game

Bingo offers limitless to claim

We have good friends your yet to meet

Win some coins and bag a treat


Jump aboard and join the fun

Be prepared for a long run

For bingo lovers its just the trick

But beware you'll become an addict


Win some points silver or gold

Cashing them in will never get old

Max your tics and get a win

The fun to have will never wear thin


Play some bingo chat games or slots

There's points to win lots and lots

Come along and join me

Best of all its all for free


Recipe's news and jokes

Come on in and meet the folks

ikkle charlie and davep

will make you welcome come and see


I hope this ode covers it all

In omb you'll have a ball

so what have you got to lose

Join on up and beat the blues