An ode to online bingo with OhMyBingo

Added 2010-08-07 18:51:55

 A poem for all.

Quiz queen i may be

but poet i'm not,

but for all at OMB

i'll give it a shot!


Today's been lousy

it's done nothing but rain

and my kids mission in life,

is to drive me insane!


i can't wait till bedtime

theirs not mine!

i'll log into ohmybingo

and open my wine.


the chat room is busy,

all my friends are  there

fifi and dan, ikkle and jade,

and emmy giving out points for all to share


we come for the bingo

but stay for the chatter

the points, the coins and

the wins don't matter


If I have to i'll trade

so i can stay for a while

coz going to bed early

is sooo not my style!


but now its getting late

and my balance is dead

so goodnight to my friends

coz i'm heading for bed!


After reading Bunny's online bingo poem i thought i'd give it a shot!  Hope you all enjoyed it and yes, i know i should probably stick to the quizzes lol.  And I just want to add a huge thank you to everybody who makes the chat room so much fun to be in, in particular emmy and bonbon who do a great job.  Thanks guys.