An OhMyBingo Bingo Ball Party

Added 2011-07-02 21:12:47

hello there, im sat here playing bingo and i have just had a really good idea!!!

i know that there has been some oh my bingo meet ups chat but what if we arranged an oh my bingo fancy dress party and.....we all came dressed as bingo balls!!!i think that would be great!

and we could make like some online bingo balls cake like little fairy cakes and we could ice the bingo numbers on top of the cakes.

And we could use some of the recipies off here that members have done, and we could make some decorations like buntins with the names of the members on it and we could actually play real bingo there and we could nominate someone to act as pete the bingo caller and i could make everyone real bingo coffee and maybe we could do some flyers and pass them to people on the way to the party premoting oh my bingo and get more people to sign up and we could make oh my bingo tee shirts and oh my binngo hats as prizes for winning the games that we would play there.

Obviously we would have to hire out a hall somewhere and make it a loction where we could all get to somehow and then maybe we could get some caravans on a local caravan site so that it would be cheaper for us all to stay over...

Does anyone think this is a good idea or am i just living in dreamland????

anyway thanks for reading :)