An OhMyBingo chat room debate

Added 2011-08-25 13:13:10

Hiya all,

On my shift today a player remarked on my comment on news post about cms:

Some gd ideas i dont get how more cms would equal more players lol but then i am blonde n dizzy xx yes a new cm would help at times i agree but saying that day times n most evenings are covered at min

This was my comment and far from am i saying we don't need extra cm's i am saying we do but please understand that myself lou and tickleikkle have been doing extra hours for you roomies. We been splitting the late shift between us all and i cover mon and fri evenings when i can so roomies are not left with no cm or cg's and we all chipped in because we love OhMyBingo and our roomies and we was helping out doing extra until new cm or cms were taken on.

As you are all aware last week there has been major changes and we: all management support and cms work very hard to keep everything running as smoothly as possible ,as cms not only do we do our shifts but in our own time we sort out cg's promo's and think of new games etc to make our chat room as great as its always been ,we all have famillies etc and tickleikkle even holds down a full time job often starting early morning when most of us are sleeping lol.

Today a roomie complained about no cms on late at night etc and chat being quiet but please rather than point finger at us cms consider what we do do for you roomies and the time we do give up to play cgs etc.

Yes we get some omps to help towards our shifts but the majority of our time cming we fund ourselves.

We cm because we love what we do not for any gain on our part its the enjoyment we get from doing it that makes it worthwhile to us 

Yes we do need new cm or cms to help cover nights/days off illness unexpected mishaps etc but with all the changes and upheavals we are going through at the moment getting more cms is prob lower down on the list as getting all roomies happy and content with changes are far more important. We are working hard putting tog new ideas tourneys etc and believe me these do take time to orchestrate and put together. We all want what is best for omb and yes i am positive soon new cms will be taken on and us exisiting cms are all for this move too.

So please think next time you wish to moan cos no cm was on at midnight etc we all do our best and do as much as we can but we do need some away time from time to time too. All work n no play makes very unhappy cms lol.