An OhMyBingo Dream

Added 2010-10-23 16:55:30

Although this section is meant just for news,

There's some fabulous rhymes about.

Dan26 is a poetry muse

And myself, I've knocked a few out.


Now, while we're not making our fortune online

Playing Bingo, coz we don't win much lolly.

Why not get together all of the rhymes

And write music that's trendy and jolly.


Put them together and what have you got?

Some very exceptional songs.

We might even get to the number one spot

at Christmas, where our song belongs.


Then when we play bingo we need worry not

if we lose, we won't throw in the towel.

Selling music will put lots of dosh in the pot,

We'll be as rich as Simon Cowell.


They might even give us a TV show

once we give all of our songs names.

They'd call it  "Music by OhMyBingo"

And the MC could be our lovely James.


Step aside Jools Holland, we're taking the stage

Our songs will be sung and then

A star will be born, bigger than Elaine Paige

Coz the singer will be our lovely Ben.


I can see it all now, our names up in lights,

We'll wave at our fans and grin.

But until that happens and money's still tight

I'll just keep chasing that Bingo win :-)


Good luck all xxxx