An OhMyBingo Magazine

Added 2011-06-18 07:53:52

I received a mini magazine today from the guys at Foxy bingo. The magazine comprises of offers to the site and other close sites throughout the upcoming months. In this magazine there were also winners stories and things like mum of the year and similar articles that had been voted on by the foxy bingo community. It even has a few puzzles at the back :)

It just made me think that we could have our own ohmybingo magazine sent out every couple of months or so. A great way to advertise all the sites as you guys do on here, and tell us about upcoming offers. We could have some winners stories in there too from our very own ohmybingo community. And as we have quite a few budding poets on ohmybingo we could have a poetry corner in there too. I'm sure that there are also many of us that would like to see their joke, recipe, news article etc in a glossy ohmybingo mag.

And for those that have joined this terrific site, but not used it that much, this magazine could prompt them to have another look, see what they're missing x

Let me know your ideas guys :)

see you in tickeyboo xxxxxx