An OhMyBingo moan

Added 2011-08-15 15:18:05

Since before I went on me holiday my OhMyBingo luck seemed to be slipping fast,so I had hoped that once I returned that I would be getting those wins a little more regular to the 20 - 30 games I had to play previously lol. Well lets just say that after a week of being home and some good few hours per day the Petey voodoo curse seems to be upon me yet again.( or maybe someones just feefed my lucky tickets).

I have tried everything from reducing my normal max tickets to 1 / 2 strips and even logging out and coming back after a break,but nothing seems to be helping.What makes matters worse is that more often than not there are only a few players in and yet my winning streak seems to have been stolen/cursed lol x

The above little moan is all in good faith that my luck will take a fast and rapid change and I will make it on to the top 20 leader board as I don't think I have ever not been on it somewhere lol. I have to just quickly add that while I was having my moan I seem to be getting some sort of win ahead of golden hour,so who knows maybe a little moan was just what was needed lol x

Wish you all good luck on OhMyBingo xx