An OhMyBingo Morning

Added 2011-10-27 13:39:16

Morning all,

I havent been around much this past few weeks as I have been drawn in by the dreaded facebook games lol

Unfortunately for me OhMyBingo and facebook don't seem to like each other,so I have only been popping in every now and then. (gotta keep me farm,woods n thingy in the sky ship shape lol )

Anyway I thought I would pop in to OhMyBingo this morning and invest my 2834 points in the hope I could add to my whopping  1bronze 2 silver lol I lost most of my coins n  points on the slots lol silly me . Although the few times I popped in and played the slots ,I had no luck it's still great to see the option there.I personally will have to keep away from them lol

Finally a little thank you for my wonder bar and OhMyBingo mouse mat and coaster set. I have to say the mats are rather nice,much better than the tatty cheeky mouse mat I won from cheeky. Oh and I almost forgot the carlton bingo tea towel,rather big lol but a freebie all the same so thanks very much.

Gl everyone xx