An OhMyBingo Suggestion Or Two

Added 2011-10-11 07:54:52

Hi All

I would like to make a couple of suggestions, that I hope you may agree  would make the site some what easier to navigate.

Firstly I would like to suggest a find a friend button or link on OhMyBingo, as this would make viewing members profiles a lot easier, instead of having to look for news posts or comments that they have made, in order to view their profiles. ..

... I have also noticed that when we win something ,that has to be sent by post,  we are inevitably sent an email asking for our addresses, this I do see as  uneccesary work for Joy, as all our details are actually on our profiles, well for those who have filled them in properly.

Therefore if we all have our names and adresses down on our profiles ( that only management can see ) as it is, a find friend button or link would also make it easier for, the afore mentioned details to be readily available when ever they are required. I do know that it is not mandatory for us to fill in our profiles at the moment, and that obviously some members may not like this idea, but, it would save a lot of time in processing our prizes if this was so, and after all as I have stated only management can see this part of our profiles.