An Online Bingo Christmas Wish

Added 2010-11-07 11:27:36

Christmas time is almost here,

There'll be loads of turkey dishes.

Tis the season of good cheer

and time for lots of wishes.


There are so many things that need to be bought

Like 300 yards of foil.

A ton of nuts, I don't want to be short,

And ten kilo of sprouts to boil.


I'll write my letter to Santa Claus

I need to send him my list.

Best get it done early doors

and hope it isn't missed.


Top of the things I'll ask this year

is a nice online bingo win.

There haven't been many of those coming here

On the ground they've been very thin.


Now if he will grant me that one wish

I'll be over the moon, it's true

But I'll give him a great big sloppy kiss

If he grants my wish number 2.


I want to see lovely Wagner win

the X-factor this year.

I know some may think that would be a sin

But me? That would make me cheer.


So all I ask dear Santa Claus

Is a big online bingo jackpot.

And with lots of money in my sticky paws

Hear Wagner in the number 1 christmas spot!