An Online Bingo Halloween Celebration

Added 2011-10-12 15:21:00

I've just been sat here looking at all the news recent and old and i just had a thought( yes it hurt my head :-).. 

I wondered if OhMyBingo was doing any special promos or chat games for halloween or bonfire night i know its not as big as christmas but still its worth a shot.

Maybe some trick or treat suprises as halloween is on a monday and bonfire night is on a saturday. maybe for bonfire some extra coins for ikkle to give away for team fill the gaps or maybe an extra merchandise hour on monday for say 1 gold and a window sticker!! as this is not really a lot to ask for ben!! as you are the not soooo big bad boss anymore lol!!!

If you dont like these ideas maybe you and the lovely cms could come up with some other ideas i just thought i would suggest a few as i not seen any news about these dates up to date. Well i leave you to have a little think about this one ben. But im sure you've already got things planned as you always treat the roomies to good promos xxx