An online bingo poem about magic numbers

Added 2011-06-20 13:41:54

Another poem, hope you enjoy xxx

Numbers are a part of us, they resonate through life From ABC's and 123's at school to bills of strife. But here on ohmybingo numbers can be fun I'm seeing and hearing in a different way Since Pete's dulcid tones begun.

Each number called has qualities, peculiar to themselves And when they refuse to be called out they're like mischievous elves. But there is a number in the pile that really is so fine Peter call's it oh so quietly, that's number 49. It's almost like a whisper, but can lead us to a shout I love to come up on that number, makes me smile without a doubt. I don't let numbers bother me, 13 can be lucky for some And waiting for golden hour it's lift off from 5-4-3-2-1. Excitement comes in many forms, chat games to name just one To be part of the OhMyBingo community, where everyone has won.

OMB has new dimensions like mirror, lucky, cuddle CM's have a wacky quiz, that leaves us in a muddle. Double quack for 22, whistle for legs 11 Two fat ladies 88 to come up on lucky 7. But my favourite numbers most of all 1,4,9,22 Cos without winning on those numbers, I wouldn't have my Ipad2. :D xxx Good luck everyone xxx