An Online Bingo Poem About My Computer

Added 2011-06-16 10:11:55

im here to bring you the news of today

was watching americas got talent and playing away

was down to one number but i didnt win

looked at my husband cause he was sat with a grin

he looked like a chesire cat

could of hit him with my baseball bat

i said what are you laughing at

he said you have icecream all over you chin

i answered him with a great big grin

oh yes so i have i will let you off

oh my god theres a great big moth

so i hit him with my baseball bat flat

and i cant play bingo again

cause my computer screen it broke if you see what i mean

my bat went straight through my computter screen

now i have to buy a new one oh what a pain

so now im gonna sit and mope boohoooo

this isnt no bleeping joke

i have to buy a new one so im gonna sit and soak

now i cant play online bingo for a week

what am i gonna do sit and weep


the next day i looked out the windows and to my amazement

my computer screen was left outside on the pavement

and now im coming to the end of the news

you all know what im gonna do lol