An online bingo poem My Luck Was In

Added 2011-06-20 13:15:36

im going to tell you the story when i won so much money

i had so many cards i didnt know what to do

i put them on the table in my pocket too

trouble is i didnt want to leave and i had to go to the loo

i was waiting for one number and out it came

i was so lucky that day

i jumped up for joy

i kept on winning i couldnt go wrong

i even played the slot and won 500 pounds

i was jumping for joy eat your heart out elvis

oh yes it was an elvis machine

my luck was in

trouble is i tripped up and my money fell in the bin lol

nah joking i really did win 500 was very nice

my luck was in i just couldnt go wrong

whatever i played i won and won and won

im sure you have those days where u cant go wrong

and other days you just cant touch it

but i went on holiday and came back with more money than i left with

i went to online bingo and won too was so lucky that week i just couldnt believe it