An Online Bingo Romance

Added 2011-04-05 18:23:35

While chatting with some one today here at oh my bingo and they were saying that they had met a girl from America while playing bingo on another bingo site.

Straight away i told them in chat oh great another idea for a news report lol.

So have any of you ever met any one while playing online bingo? If you have did you ever meet up and if so are you still together?

I wonder if we have had a oh my bingo romance yet, just think we could have our first oh my bingo wedding.

I suppose some where there must be couples that have met through playing bingo and that have got married.

Just think a wedding cake decorated with bingo balls, instead of tin cans tied behind the bridal car i would be bingo balls lol could even have the wedding held in a bingo hall. Omg i wonder if any one has done that got married in there local bingo hall.

So come on all you single players getting chatting so we can have our first wedding, i would make a good bridesmaid tickle  could make the cake and rosienanny could make the dress n trix could crochet the veil. See all sorted just need a bride n groom.