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Added 2010-11-27 21:16:12

tombola bingo has a new game called knockout bingo which is worth a try. Basically the idea of the game is to not mark any numbers off. the last one standing wins and if you've no numbers marked off after 45 have been called you win jackpot of £250.

I really find Tombola Bingo one of the best sites for being fair and i've won quite a few times which is so not like me lol!. They have a good range of games and bingo starts at 2p a game.

Personally I like the tombola roulette bingo game. This is a game where you choose your own numbers and have four different coloured markers.  You dont have to play all of them and the game price starts at 10p up to 50p. You can see how many players are in the room also which can help with your chances of winning. Tombola have a special offer on at the moment if you look out for certain t.v magazines and I think New magazine, they're offering a £5 voucher to all players new and existing. Its well worth a look at, who knows you just might win a fortune.