An open letter of thanks to OhMyBingo

Added 2011-10-24 16:59:54

Hi guys, I know that I'm kind of late with this update (slap my wrists!!), but unfotunately, I don't get the chance to write as much news as I'd like these days... still trying to get this job situation licked! I just thought I'd write an open letter of thanks to Ben, Joy and the team at OhMyBingo for a fantastic Blackpool weekend. I know that I felt thoroughly humbled and spoilt as to the efforts that had been put in place on our behalf. I'd like to echo all the fantastic comments that other posters have made saying what an ocassion it was. When Heidi and a few others mentioned a meet to me - I was determined to be there!

Little did we know at that time - that OMB would join the party and make it such a fantastic event. Not only did I consume the weight of a small child in food but I was deluged with cards and squeezes (keep em coming laydeez! ) :D May I say from the bottom of my very soul what a pleasure it was meeting you all. However, the highlight of my weekend has to be Shin & Ikkle's duet of 'Pretty Green Eyes' (I'm calling Simon Cowell to get you guys a deal as we speak! ) The Pleasure Beach was awesome too! It was great to find out that Heidi is as much of an adrenaline junkie as I am; and we managed to cram a lot in! Poor Ben got stuck in the queue ;) Make sure you come with us next time! It was great fun hanging out with Cat who I'm so glad enjoys a few 'cheekies' with the best of us. Even if she did have to put up with my Liverpool impression! Sorry kidda! :D

To my friends trixee, cagsy & heidi - thank you so much for your gifts - you all know me so well! To ikkle and lou... oh the shots! :D To everyone that listened to me gab their ears off... you were fantastic! Lastly, big thanks to Bingo Liner for being the headline sponsor and all the other affiliates that made the meet a reality. Your efforts do reflect in what we think of site providers! Put simply - you guys rock and I know the whole community thanks you so much. Lastly - I know some of you couldn't come but it's been great to read what a fantastic day you guys had while some of us were embarassing ourselves on kareoke! Ahem! ;) It's a testament to our community that our 'meets', whether in person; or virtually in Ticketyboo were such a roaring success. I hope to see you next time. Much Love, Jaseyboi