An Open Letter on the Way Back from Blackpool

Added 2011-10-08 20:35:15

To all the amazing people who we've just left at Blackpool,

We wanted to say a HUGE thank you for making it so amazing.  We absolutely love all our OhMyBingo players whether you attended our Meet Up or not...but this open letter focuses on you peeps who we met today.

You made lunch amazing.  You wore your t-shirts with pride, even if they weren't hoodies lol.  You embraced Pleasure Beach and went on loads of rides even in a short time period.

You arrived in perfect time to go to the pub - of course lol!  You cheered the CMs big time when they received their gifts and they fulled deserved it.  You sang your hearts out for Trixee's bday and Jaseyboi didn't complain that there was no cake for him :)

You generously bought loads of raffle tickets from the amazing Rosienanny in order to raise money for Daveput123's Macmillan Nurses.  Lucky peeps among us - including Joy - even re-raffled prizes if they won more than one.

You listened intently - and laughed lots - when Jaseyboi read out Daveput123's letter that he had given to Heidi.  We can't wait to meet him at the OMB Meet 2012 and we hope he'll be pleased to hear that we raised approximately £250 for charity which Oh My Bingo will double to £500.

You all played our 2 bingo games with smiles on your faces and still managed to stare out Clarence who gave Pete a run for his money - we think she may have found herself a new career lol.  Some of you won OMB personalised chocolates, one of you won a Nintendo 3DS, one of you won an engraved Apple iPod Touch and all of you walked away with an amazing goodie bag.  The Bingo Liner goodie bag had loads of cool stuff: a Wonder bar and exclusive code, an OMB mouse mat and coaster set, an OMB mug and window sticker, a fridge magnet, an exclusive £25 free at Bingo Liner, a tea towel, a shopping trolley coin and a strange rather strong tasting final gift :).

We hope you enjoyed dinner and the bar - it's our little way of saying thank you for being so amazing on-site...but remember peeps, despite how much we love you, this simply wouldn't have been possible without Bingo Liner - please check them out as a thank you.

We'll organise a 2012 meet with loads of notice and in a more central location...we hope even more of our amazing community will join us.

Thank you for joining us and thank you for making the day - and the site - amazing.

Nice to meet you all,

Ben and Joy.