An original Prayer for all online bingo players

Added 2010-04-02 18:27:37

As I lay me down to sleep,

I hope you're listening Lord.

I could do with a winning streak

Across my Bingo board.

Don't leave me with 3 to go

when the pot's as big as owt

Nor 2, nor 1, I hate them so

I pray you'll let me shout ...

''I've won, I've won,''.  I'll do a twirl

I'll do my little dance.

And then I'll be a very good girl

So Lord, give me a chance.

It's not so much I want the dough

Coz of evil it's the route

But Oh I do love winning so

It really is a hoot.

So this is what I'll do dear Lord

If you could see your way

to giving me the winning board,

and make me a winner all day.

I'll take the money and spend it wisely,

I won't buy any sweets.

I won't drink beer or be mean and miserly

I'll go around the streets

And try to find someone good

Who's collecting for charity

I'll pop a tenner in their tin

And tell 'em "That's from the Lord and me".

Coz if you see your way dear Lord

To granting my heartfelt wish

I'll split the money, all above board.

It'll be fifty-fifty-ish.