An Update on Your Amazon Voucher Claims

Added 2015-11-18 13:57:00

Hi guys, the quick headline is that all eligible voucher claims have been processed and sent to you on email!  You don't have to read on, but if you got a 'failure' email, you might be interested in knowing why:


  • You HAVE HAVE HAVE to be fully registered on OMB to get your voucher, no exceptions.  We need your full details from when you complete your full registration on know, the one that allows you (not forces you) to play for real money.  If you want to know why, it's because we can't send vouchers out to 'semi-registered' members because it goes against the gambling license - we need to check your residential address and your date of birth.  If you're not fully registered, you won't be will simply get a failure email.  So now you know lol!
  • If you are an OMB VIP, you get to claim one of each 'special' item within the first two weeks of the OMB revamp, without us needing to check your deposit history.  This is a major perk!  You can be a VIP in two ways - play on the real site and earn the status and/or have your VIP status carried over from the old OMB.  A big chunk of you were VIPs before the upgrade which means you're now VIPs here - so please take advantage of this perk as it goes away very very very soon!  If you're not a VIP, you'll have to ensure you've met the terms and conditions in the shop with regards to Amazon voucher claims.
  • Note the above point carefully - 1. you only get this perk if you're an OMB VIP and 2. you only get ONE of each special item...a special item is:
    • OMB Bingo Bonus.
    • Real cash wheel spin (not the OMPs wheel).
    • Amazon voucher.
  • If you've made multiple voucher claims, after your freebie above (if you're eligible), your account will then be checked to see if you've met the terms and conditions displayed clearly in the shop.  If you haven't met the terms for some/all of your claims, you'll get individual failure emails.
  • Multiple Accounts - this is a tricky one as it's one account per person that is over 18 in your household.  Now, while we appreciate that there may be more than one person who is over 18 in your household, we need to be very strong-worded here - you are not allowed to play on more than one account.  If we suspect that you are, despite telling us that there are multiple 18+ people in your household and they all play separately, we are forced to cancel your claims.  Firstly because we genuinely believe this is unfair on the loyal 1-account-only players and secondly because it's against the gambling license terms.  Please get in touch if you want to 'fess-up and close your multiple accounts - no hard feelings here, we want you to play with a single account and you won't be penalised - it will allow you to claim in the future.

If you are successful with more than one claim, you'll get multiple emails - one voucher per email.

Remember, you haven't lost anything if your claim is failed - the OMPs have been returned to your account.

Enjoy all those vouchers - we've just processed THOUSANDS OF POUNDS of Amazon vouchers (#caps4cags).  Please don't be down if you've been failed for some of your claims - honestly, thousands of points of Amazon vouchers have just been sent to our loyal members on this FREE bingo site :) :) :).

Right, we're off, 4,000 OMPs IN. THE. BAG.


Ben and Chet.