An Upgrade at Bingo Mega

Added 2010-12-04 14:00:53

Hi guys last Thursday Bingo Mega was down for a few hours while they added some extra bingo rooms and slots.

They now have an online bingo 80 rollover room and a bingo 30 fast play room, as this site is a sister site of Gina Bingo they are the same if you have played these games at gina bingo.

In the party bingo 90 ball room it used to be £5 pots during the day and £10 pots from 7 pm but sorry to say they have now reduced the pots to £2 all day, which i am most disappointed with as before i was able to win quite a bit of money.

Bingo mega is a much quiter site than gina bingo, but the cm's that work in the party bingo room are fantastic and you always have such a laugh, some times only a couple of players in the chat, but i can sit and play all night and not stop laughing, even my cat looks at me sometimes wondering what is going on because of the amount of laughing i do.

At Bingo Mega they have also added some new slots but as i don't play the slots i can not comment on these.