Android Phone for OhMyBingo

Added 2011-11-09 17:41:35

Need help from any budding geeks and im sure jasey can help out on this matter as well. I have just bought myself a new smart phone, the galaxy mini. It runs on android 2.2 and have been told will run with adode flash player. My problem is down loading adobe flash player 9 or higher.

When i go to the adobe how site and try to download flash its says not work with my phone. Have tried doing  a search but not really helped me out. Have been to android market and still no joy even though been told it is on android market somewhere. I spoke to  a member a while back who is able to play OH MY BINGO on his smart phone but not seen him for ages.

So does anybody on here play free omb on there phone and if so any ideas how i can do it then please. As i work shifts and full time im limited to when i can play here so would love to be able to play during breaks at work. I did get the email yesterday about the new pay to play app for omb and i cant even get that to open on my smart phone so wonder is it my phone at fault , been back to the phone shop what  a waste of time the staff are.Once i bought my phone the not bothered with after sales care