Animated Bingo Adverts like Cheeky Bingo

Added 2011-04-01 07:03:55

Two new animated online bingo ads have been gracing our screens recently. There is the rather the rather bouncy, chirpy Cheeky Bingo ad with their bubbly mascot (that bears more than a passing resemblence to Ms. Pacman) knocking at doors in her neighbour spreading the joy of Cheeky Bingo.

Away from the rather British street scene of Cheeky we fly over to the Wild West of the good ole U.S of A with Rollover Bingo. Rollover Bingo has a rather interesting business model as its unique selling point is that it gives players free lottery tickets with every bingo ticket they purchase. This is a really novel concept and made me look twice at the ad.

It got me thinking as to whether people prefer a cartoon style advert or a live action one like some of Cheeky and Rollover's competitors. Personally, I think the Cheeky Bingo ad was the best of the pair as the graphics on the ad were much better than Rollover. Having said that; whilst they could have made a better job of the animation and graphics - the offer with Rollover did make me really interested in perhaps trying them out.

What do you think of animated adverts?