Annoying Free Online Bingo Sign Up Offers

Added 2011-05-21 06:29:14

hello, ok so im going to have a good whinge now.....

I am really annoyed with joining up to the online bingo sites that are advertised on here saying 'signup bonus this and sign up bonus that' when i do sign up and try to claim my signing up bonus and enter my debit/credit card details so that i am able to deposit it ALWAYS says to me 'your card has not been verified'  NOT BEEN VERIFIED?????? what the hell is that all about?i mean seriously i bet that if i deposited £50 into one of those accounts then my card would be verified. Funny isn't it how it say that sign up bonus and no deposit needed........

CLEARLY A DEPOSIT IS NEEDED either that or they are just scam to get you to sign up and bombard you with all these amazing offers that never actually happen!  i have now signed up to at least 10 different bingo sites and not 1 of them have given me a sign up bonus......Except OMB this is the only website that stays true to it's word and gives you 2000 OMPS when you sign up.

So is anyone else having the same trouble that i am having????????

please bingo sites sort yourselves out so that we can all enjoy playing bingo.

Thanks everyone for hearing me whinge good luck to everyone playing bingo hope you win big and more importantly have fun :) xxxxxxxxxx