Another big bingo win at Tombola Bingo

Added 2010-03-30 14:28:55

I had another big win at Tombola Bingo last night :) woohooo

I signed into my account yesterday and found that I had £2 in it. I don't know how it got there and I'm not usually one for forgetting bingo accounts with money in them! lol So I started playing in the Bingo Lite rooms. After a few games I won a full house of around £12. "Great" I thought, "this will keep me playing for a little while". That was my evening sorted!

I played a few games and then went into what I call the "big" rooms, the bingo 90 rooms. Where all the BIG money happens!

It was like feeding buns to an elephant so I decided to log out and have a go on a different bingo site.

I went out for a while - it's hard dragging myself away from the PC but needs must lol. When I came back in I thought I would give Tombola another go. I played a few games in the bingo lite rooms and won another full house - £18 this time. So this gave me money to play in the big rooms.

The next  game was the link game. "I'll buy 3 strips" I thought, as I'm a bit flush after just winning £18.

The line went - nothing. The 2 lines went - nothing. Wait a minute - I was only waiting for 2 numbers for the full house. The next one left me waiting on number 78!! Next number - not mine. Next one - not mine, grrrrrrr. Next number 7 & 8 = 78!!!! WOOHOOOOOO!!!!

I won £955.04 :)

I told my nephew I would share with him - he could have the 4p lol

I'm definately going on holiday this year :)

x x x