Another Diva Bingo Win From Freebie Cash

Added 2011-05-09 09:54:05

Over the last few days i have tried to play in the free room at diva bingo as much as i could. I have been working night shift so not had as much time as usual, but amazingly for a free room i have won almost £2 lol i know not a huge amount. But i kept a note of my freebie wins so i could use them to buy some tickets in a paying room.

This afternoon the freebie room went down for a while so i decided to try my luck with my winnings and choose a room with tickets costing just 2p. There were about 50 players in the room as the game started i was so busy watching my tickets that i did not notice what the pots were.

I did not start off too great but for the full house i got down to 1 tg and woo hoo thank you again Diva Bingo, i won the full house £16.93.I am delighted as now both times i have saved up my freebie wins, bought tickets then gone on to win. They say everything comes in threes so lets hope so.I have pre bought tickets for tonight jackpot game for £100.