Another Fab Night

Added 2015-03-25 09:55:44

At Tidy standalone cupboard.Here we all are waiting for the troops game to start all excited to whos going to win.Voddi one line winner, boys 2 line winner and full house winner me woop, i won a marine little guy as well as £25 quid woop.

We play the first chat game where you pick a number and if it comes out you win 5k how cool is that.If your number does not come out and its odd or even you get 500 points.These can be banked or added to your account.

The troops  game now up to date has raised a brill amount £1575.43.Now Nickie is thinking to split the charity, i thought a kids cancer charity would be great so its up for a vote.

Gawd 8pm til 10pm we play a brilliant chat game Bingopoly love this but yet to win, ive got loads of brooms on ebay for sale lol.

Ok enough of my waffle lets talk Tidy Bingo.

Tidy owners are so caring, your not just a number like most bingo sites------ ok all bingo sites.

These guys really care about the players.

We had wolf tonight in the cupboard after tickle invite him.His poor child was burnt with a cup of coffee and needed a skin graft.

The lad just 2 years old bless him.What does Nickie do?send a batman ride.

All that read my post get on to tidy and have some fun.

I wont say what i was going to do to voddi but she was hairy

I cant think of a ps odd on --------

ps welcome sarah as cm on a friday wooohooooo Bens loss or gain