Another Free Bingo Multi Tasker

Added 2010-08-25 16:46:50

hey there can you multi task whilst playing your game of bingo?  Well I managed to do a big spring clean (sorry for swearing again bon lol)  grab a few peeks at my usual daily tally programs, keep the cuppa teas flowing while i kept my free bingo cards playing and never missed a game ( probably looked ignorant for not havin a chat but hey my fellow roomies are very understanding ) 

Had a moan yesterday, well today was worse much worse but i would like to thank all in chat tonight for your much needed help and advice when i was feeling down.  Glad i got my oh my bingo roomies to have a chat to with out them judging me.  ikkle hun u were great and i really do appreciate your advice and understanding hun at a realy horrible time.

So what do you all do whilst bingo is playing or can you not multi task ( glad i can as i would not get aS much bingo in as i like:) )))) well bye bye for now all the best of luck roomies hope you all win big and bag your selves a great oh my bingo prize xx