Another free bingo win on Tombola Bingo

Added 2010-08-31 11:14:14

Well it got to 12am and i decided to go through all my sites that do a daily free game, i logged into jackpotjoy managed to get 7 free bingo spins which won me 17p. Next off to take a break bingo managed to win 15p, then last but not least to Tombola Bingo

As i started picking away they squares next to the £50 said 3tg so on with my next pick £50 so now only needing 2 more i thought no wont happen so i picked another and there it was another £50 i thought no wont win that have never won anything off this game before. So i picked another £200 need lots of them. Down to my final 2 picks and on my next pick i found another £50 and next to the £50 was win. I was so pleased and excited have never won anything on tomobolas free game before. So i went to my account to check my balance and there it was £50! and it said it was withdrawable also so i hit withdraw and took £30 out leaving myself with £20 to play with :).

So if you have bad luck and think oh i dont win anything on there remember one day may be your lucky day :)

lou xxx