Another Great Night at OhMyBingo

Added 2010-08-13 10:05:53

Once again thank you CMs Emmy and BonBon for a fab night, and thank you fab roomies!  The CMs were under quite a bit of pressure early on with some roomies getting annoyed with the new golden hour glitches but like we all know new things will have their hiccups even if it does cost us players points (hence me writing this bable i need some points lol)

There was loadsa fun and games plenty of chat and banter :D Although i think CM Emmy might like firemen offering to dress up as a firewoman it sure turned a few heads am sure ;) A drunken jadey keeping the chat flowing, loads of newbies joining in with the regulars it was great fun :D

I cant believe we're still on here at 2am though i think we must be addicted :O we'll need ohmybingo free bingo counselling soon :S

Here's to more great nights of bingo, fab chat games, fab cm's and roomies :D I hope to see you all soon in the room :D good luck everyone and heres to loads more winssssss thankyou oh my bingo.