Another Mini Meet Up

Added 2015-10-26 11:51:08

As you guys missed me loads today i think lol  i thought it best i explain where i was.No i was not arrested Sat night for drunk and disorderly in Leeds. I was in Blackpool meeting up with Canny.Canny lives in Blackpool and i thought if she meets me its good to go to meet the rest of you guys.As im the normal one or as near dam it.I think i conned her and she thinks we all normal shhhhhhhhh.Canny text to ask where i was  guess what i was in a bar shock horror!!!.After ten mins this strange looking woman was looking at me im like Cannyyyyyyyyyy lol.Oh my gawd its so strange as i not a clue what Canny looked like but just knew it was her.Cheers Canny for meeting up with me and meeting my whole family apart from my posh sis.

Dave we good to go nearly for the 7 dwarfs panto we got h tickle , billy,chet.nanny and now canny shame we cant find astra awww.

Now your not a virgin Canny i look forward to our meet up in november,Great to meet another member Canny and ty for the tips coral cavery was well cool

ps i aint got one 0000000 i thought of one wd davep top of fantasy hope you last longer than your team hee hee