Another month and another bingo story

Added 2010-09-03 17:32:05

It`s times like this that you wish you had a smigen of J.K Rowling , but alas i don`t so here we go.    I signed in yesterday and after a conversation I had had the night before I thought I would have a few thousand extra points but I was sorely disapointed as it appears you have to have status to get these.  Wouldn`t you know it I don`t have any status.  

 So I read and reread  the conditions you need to qualify.  Seemingly  you can get points by playing games you can get points by writing a review and quite a few other ways including the Facebook site which I find hard to get round. I don`t understand how this works.

 My poblem is that I suffer from an eye complaint and I am regesistered partly sighted which makes it hard for me to read the comments and the site news I also find it difficult to do chat games as I can`t see the print or it moves to fast, nor can I make out the less used keys on my computer.   Then I here you say how can she play free bingo and write a review.    Playing bingo is easy I have the keys marked and mostly I use the mouse.  But to write a review is a bit harder but with the help of a bright light  I can cope.   I`m not complaining just explaining so if in chat I`m a bit after everyone else you will know why.  

Iam glad to say that one of the highlights of my day is talking to all you lovely people

Thanks to all who read this   Wynn