Another OhMyBingo Fantasy Footbal Poser

Added 2011-09-15 11:37:54

Hi All

Just another poser for you, regarding the fantasy football game.....

....It is some thing that has been confusing me for a while now, so I thought it best to ask if anyone knows the answer to this question,  or has noticed on their OMB league results,  what appears to me to be a discrepancy in the total points you get overall, because under the heading TOT, which I rightly or wrongly, assume to be your total points scored ,as it stands up to now, mine has me down as having 136 when in fact the total amount my team has scored up to now is 182.

So therefore could Ben or one of you fellow players at OhMyBingo, please tell me if this stands correct or not, because I must admit that I cannot think what else the TOT could stand for, although I am sure that one of you more knowing league members , will be able to help me to resolve this issue, and tell me if my scores are right or wrong, and that if the TOT does not in fact mean overall total, as it does state that it means total on there, then what it does mean? 

Thanking You,