Another OhMyBingo Poem Birthday Time

Added 2011-07-08 07:36:45

im here to provide you with the news im out of points and thats why im here

im reporting here from my chair im trying to win the gold on here

i will try and try until i do but i cant seem to win for trying lol

i wont give up i will try and try until i win a house how nice

im going for the gold you know its not that easy ive been told

will keep on trying and wont give up and who knows i might win with abit of luck

i dont know when or when i will

but will keep on trying until i do

im a fighter i fight til the end

maybe i might win a oh my bingo pen lol

i might win a mug with a bit of luck

and sit in my chair sipping my coffee and winning the gold on oh my bingo too

i cant win it unless im in it and that is why i wont give up

cause abit of luck i will win the gold

who knows when but i might you know

i will stay in my chair and get fat as a pig with all my munchies im gonna eat lol

i will win in the end and when i do your know about it cause i'll tell you