Another Online Win at Gina Bingo

Added 2010-08-03 12:50:09

Hi guys hope that you are not getting fed up with me going on about Gina Bingo.

Logged in at Gina Bingo on Monday night bought some tickets, tickets were 25p I won £10 for a line the I won a share of the full house £30.

I can't believe in the last few weeks how many times that i have won at online bingo especially at Gina Bingo. Before this all I had ever won was £79 at Foxy Bingo over a year ago, had a couple of £30 withdrawals from Broadway Bingo and a couple of months ago I won four games in a row at Posh Bingo and was able to withdraw £75. Also a couple of other small withdrawals.

I have not played during the day at Gina Bingo, lol today I am going to hurry and get all the house work done so that i can take a look.

In the evening there are between 25 - 30 playing in the free bingo room, so I am hoping there might be even less during the day.

Wait and see since I have been going on and on about Gina bingo my luck will run out and I will be moaning that I can never win.